BMW i Hydrogen NEXT fuel cell electric vehicle

BMW hydrogen fuel cell powertrain

Credit : BMW, via BMW Blog

Highlights :

  • The future BMW i Hydrogen NEXT fuel cell electric vehicle is scheduled to be unveiled in 2022
  • Based on the current X5 generation
  • The hydrogen fuel cell powertrain architecture generates up to 125 kW / 170 PS (168 hp) of electric output from the chemical reaction between the hydrogen in the vehicles storage tanks and oxygen in the ambient air.
  • Maximum power from the fuel cell and the high-voltage battery mounted atop the rear-mounted motor is said to be 275 kW/368 hp
  • Regenerative braking will be used to partially recharge the battery.
  • BMW positions two hydrogen storage tanks pressurized to 700 bar/10,000 psi. Together they can hold up to 6 kilograms of liquid hydrogen


Way ahead

If demand is there, if market conditions are right and if there are hydrogen fuel stations, then BMW might be ready to build a hydrogen fuel cell car that looks a lot like a BMW X5 SUV someday.

Let’s see more interesting details in the following video previewing the new FCEV technology.

BMW i Hydrogen Fuel cell


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