Can COVID Pull the E-BIKE adoption curve forward?

In the COVID situation, the biggest worry for many professionals is how to get to work from strategic points, how to maintain a social distance, and how to commute? One of the precautions we must take during the Corona outbreak is the social distance, and when you travel via bike, you get to do that. Of course, this is only useful if you ride alone.

“Returning to a car-dominated city after the pandemic lockdown is ‘out of the question”

Public transport and shared mobility are good solutions but how to solve Social distancing is still a challenge.

Probable solution: Electric Bike could help people to return to work.

Strategic Plan : 

Fig 1: EBike accessibility support after COVID 19

E Bike 1A

Fig 2: Global Trends

E Bike 1B

Fig 3: Strategic Plan

E Bike data

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As Albert Einstein wrote to his son Eduard, in 1930: “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”


Electric Bilke

At this point, the government hadn’t yet realized the strategic importance of e-bikes. E-bike will solve many puzzles like Social distancing, personal commute for short distances, saving on fuel cost, and adds to the health ( e cycles ). Isn’t it a great solution?

The research comes at a time when ministers are desperate for solutions that allow people to get to work without risking their health on public transport, but also without increasing carbon emissions.

Cities around the world are grappling with the same issue: how to safely reopen in the COVID-19 era. The fact is nobody wants to be on a crowded station, road, subway, and risk exposure to the virus if they can avoid it. Cities have curtailed many public transit operations because of declining ridership and health concerns. While these measures are essential for preventing the spread of the disease, they present challenges for the many people who still need to get around cities for essential tasks like buying food, going to the office, or caring for a loved one.

The government and leaders should encourage E Bike more after the lockdown measures are eased, to keep pollution levels down and people safe.

E Bike 3

Globally, Google notes a spike in searches for “best electric bike” starting on March 22nd, less than two weeks after the World Health Organization declared the new coronavirus a pandemic. Even more, people began searching for the “best bike” during the same period.

Benefits of E-Bike :

  • Social distance
  • Health improvement
  • Support to environment
  • Cost-saving solution

Strategic Plan : 

  • Separate lanes for E-bikes
  • More commute options on E-Bike
  • Special programs to promote E-Bike
  • Subscription Models
  • More investment in infrastructure

Today’s COVID-19 lockdowns could reveal solutions that have far-reaching benefits for cities long into the future, pointing the way to more resilient, accessible, and safe urban transport. A city with more E-Bike is a city with healthier people, safer streets, cleaner air, and better connectivity.



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