Country: USA | Funding: $16B
Tesla accelerates the transition to electric mobility with a full range of increasingly affordable electric cars. Tesla also produces Solar Roof, home batteries and operates large solar stations with energy storage.


Country: USA | Funding: $5.6B
Rivian is an automotive technology company that develops products and services to advance the shift to sustainable mobility.


Country: China | Funding: $3.5B
NIO is a global Chinese company that designs and develops electric autonomous vehicles.

Xiaopeng Motors

Country: China | Funding: $2.2B
Xiaopeng Motors is an electric vehicle and technology company that designs and manufactures smart cars.

Faraday Future

Country: China | Funding: $2B
Faraday Future, a design and technology company, develops global solutions that re-imagine transportation, content, and ownership.

WM Motor

Country: China | Funding: $1.2B
WM Motors develops electric vehicle that isn’t a bus, isn’t slow, but IS a well-designed, 100% electric vehicle aimed at the mainstream market.

Lucid Motors

Country: USA | Funding: $1.1B
Lucid Motors is a Silicon Valley company that designs, develops, and builds electric vehicles.


Country: USA | Funding: $659.2M
ChargePoint is an electronics company that specializes in an open electric vehicle charging network.


Country: USA | Funding: $527.2M
Proterra makes zero-emission, battery-electric buses that help eliminate fossil fuel dependency and reduce costs

10Nikola Motors

Country: USA | Funding: $461.7M
Nikola’s fuel cell membrane electrode assembly (MEA) research is aimed at developing an architecture that could satisfy the power output needs and durability requirements of heavy-duty applications, such as the operations of the company’s long-haul vehicles like the Nikola One

Ola Electric

Country: India | Funding: $306.3M
Ola Electric is a company that leases electric cars.


Country: Israel | Funding: $146M
StoreDot develops quick-charging battery to replace the lithium-ion components used on phones, electric cars, and other un-wired devices.

Rimac Automobili

Country: Croatia | Funding: $123M
Rimac Automobili is a hypercar and electric vehicle components company.


Country: UK | Funding: €100M
Arrival is a technology company, that creates Generation 2 Electric Vehicles. Devices on wheels — they outperform legacy technology to deliver an experience like no other, but are priced the same as fossil fuel equivalents.

Karma Automotive

Country: USA | Funding: $100M
Karma Automotive designs, engineers, assembles and markets luxury electric vehicles, all from its Southern California base of operations. Launched by Wanxiang Group that purchased what was left of Fisker in 2014

Sono Motors

Country: Germany | Funding: $71.9M
Sono Motors Vision is to become an established provider of sustainable mobility, by focusing on manufacturing electric vehicles with alternative power technologies and innovative sharing services.

FreeWire Technologies

Country: USA | Funding: $55.2M
FreeWire Technologies provides smart battery systems for EV charging and mobile distributed power.

Fisker Automotive

Country: USA | Funding: $50M
Fisker Automotive is producing luxury plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Lightning Systems

Country: USA | Funding: $50.1M
Lightning Systems innovative automotive research and manufacturing company that develops zero-emission all-electric powertrains.


Country: Israel | Funding: $40.2M
REE is a technology company that develops cutting edge systems for the automotive and personal mobility industries.


Country: Israel
ElectReon provides a complete solution for the future E-city with no gas and charging stations, no visible infrastructure and with a shared energy platform for the near future ban on fossil fuel vehicles entering the urban environment. It’s developing a smart transportation technology for underground electric coils that recharge EVs wirelessly as they travel.


Country: Netherlands | Funding: €27.2M
Lightyear is a tech company developing an ultra energy efficient automotive platform.

EV Connect

Country: USA | Funding: $25.9M
EV Connect provides enterprise-class, electric vehicle charging software and solutions.

Aquarius Engines

Country: Israel | Funding: $18.5M
Aquarius is reinventing the combustion engine to power the “series” hybrid EV car of the future. The Aquarius engine-generator is dramatically cheaper, smaller, cleaner and more efficient than existing power generators. It is about to disrupt the market of Power Generators in general and Electric cars in particular.

POD Point

Country: UK | Funding: £12.3M
POD Point Ltd provides electronic vehicle charging stations. The Company offers charging stations for the public sector or private companies who wish to own their own charge points.


Country: Netherlands | Funding: €13.6M
NewMotion offers advanced charging solutions for drivers of electric vehicles (EV) and EV-charge locations. Acquired by Shell

EO Charging

Country: UK | Funding: £13M
EO Charging created EO Mini Pro – the world’s smallest smart home charger.


Country: UK | Funding: $13.5M
Tevva Motors Ltd is a UK-based, leading developer of modular electrification systems for medium duty commercial vehicles. Using a systems engineering approach, Tevva has developed world-class electric vehicle technology that adheres to the most rigorous of standards to ensure safety, reliability and durability.


Country: Italy | Funding: $13.5M
I-FEVS is focused on generating new technological solutions so that pure electric mobility could be mainstream. Our goal is to manufacture best in class urban mobility vehicles per safety, security, energy consumption, ergonomics, robustness and total cost of ownership.


Country: Switzerland
ELEXTRA is a Swiss company and electric vehicle platform that redefines the supercar.


Country: Switzerland
Innolith is an energy technology company that is pioneering an entirely new and safe battery technology platform. This will provide new ways of storing and using electricity for grid, automotive and industrial applications.


Country: USA | Funding: $10M
Envoy provides electric vehicle (EV) carsharing as an amenity within communities


Country: UK | Funding: $6M
Addionics is creating next-generation batteries for electric cars through intelligent 3D battery architecture and engineering.

Volta Trucks

Country: Sweden
Volta Trucks is building an electric truck. For today’s cities and tomorrow’s generations.


Country: UK | Funding: £3.1M
Riversimple develops hydrogen fuel-cell cars for clients in the United Kingdom.


Country: USA | Funding: $3.5M
Electriphi is simplifying electrification planning and operations for commercial vehicle fleets.


Country: Sweden | Funding: $4.1M
Uniti is an electric city car that aims for holistic sustainability, a futuristic user experience and is developed in an open source manner.


Country: Netherlands
EMOSS is highly experienced in electric mobility that develops, manufactures, and supplies electric power trains and hybrid power trains.


Country: Denmark
Denmark’s leading electric mobility service provider


Country: Singapore | Funding: $2M
AVEVAI focuses in a few key industries like new energy vehicles, logistics, R&D on graphene and in AI machine learning technology. To complete the vision, the company created four pillars to make this startup a success.


Country: Australia | Funding: $825K
Axiflux is the creator of the Adaptive Magnetic Flux Array – the world’s first modular, real-time, software-reconfigurable electric motor and generator. Relative to a traditional electrical motor, the innovative configuration and control of the AMFA yields significant size, weight and price reductions, while increasing power output, efficiency and reliability.

AEV Robotics

Country: Australia
AEV Robotics has built a modular vehicle system for cities. The system allows businesses to configure solutions for a multitude of applications.


Country: USA
Chanje is delivering ground-up electric trucks and turnkey energy infrastructure solutions for the commercial last mile industry.


Country: UK | Funding: £726.7K
Andersen develops and installs EV charge points that use industrial-grade electronics to match stunning design with enhanced performance and functionality.


Country: UK
CityEV provides electric vehicle charge points are safe, simple and reliable. They are compatible with all standard electric vehicle charging cables.

My Energi

Country: UK
My Energi makes Electric Vehicle charging equipment and eco-smart home devices.


Country: UK
Sevadis is the new name for SmartEV – a UK company with an established reputation in electric vehicle technology


Country: Ireland | Funding: €25K
Smartcharge is one of Ireland’s oldest manufacturers of electric vehicle (EV) chargers. Offering expertise and knowledge, we manufacture & install both commercial and home EV chargers.


Country: Sweden
Chargestorm develops products, systems, and architecture for vehicle charging infrastructures. It provides an intelligent management and service network for provisioning and billing of the service. The ChargeStorm solution is used by energy companies, real estate companies, and enterprises that provide parking spaces for EV charging.


Country: USA
Weave Grid is dedicated to enabling large-scale electrification of transportation through direct & efficient system integration. The company taps into electric vehicle charging data and can optimize EV charging for customers such as utilities.


Country: India
Enercent is creating a platform to manage the EV infrastructure. Enercent takes away all the hassle in electric vehicle charging by providing you an end-to-end turnkey solution for your charging infrastructure


Country: Sweden
Elonroad is a hightech electric road concept. It auto charges all types of electric vehicles when parked as well as when driving. Electric roads extend driving range and reduce the need of large and heavy batteries.

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