The Future of electric car charging

Is Trojan Energy The Future Of Electric Car Charging?

Trojan Energy’s solution is an electric vehicle charging pole that comes out of the sidewalk when you’re ready to charge and slots back into it when you are done.

Trojan connectors, installed FLAT & FLUSH and No matter where you park, you can always get a fast charge but leave with no trace. With no permanent footprint or street clutter, it’s only visible when a vehicle is charging

Charging towards Net Zero – Designed around you.

Startup company Trojan Energy is installing 200 of its chargers across Brent and Camden. Each charge point is slotted into the ground with a flat and flush connection. The technology has no permanent footprint or street clutter as the hardware is only visible when a vehicle is charging.

The technology consists of 2 parts – a charge point slotted into the ground, and a ‘lance’ which is inserted into the charge point in order to charge. The charger can provide charge rates from 2kW to 22kW, and up to 18 chargers can run in parallel from one electricity network connection. This will in turn create opportunities for electric vehicle owners to use spare capacity in their batteries to provide services to electricity network operators which could make the cost of owning and running EVs cheaper.


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