WORLD’S FIRST solar-powered car in the EV Sector – a game changer


Automobile companies across the world are in a rush to develop cars that are sustainable with electric vehicles being a key focus. The fossil fuel emissions from automobiles contribute to a significant chunk of greenhouse gas emissions which further impacts the global climate

The new solar-powered car is considered to be a game-changer in the EV sector.

Humble One Is The World’s First Solar Powered Electric SUV

Humble One Electric SUV 10

Humble Motors, a US-based startup, has introduced the world’s first SUV that runs on solar energy.

Humble is a tech company developing solar electric vehicles. Founded in 2020 by industry veterans including an award-winning Formula 1 race car designer, a physicist engineer who was the Head of Fuel Cells at Ford, and a tech entrepreneur

Instead of a regular roof, the concept car Humble One will have photovoltaic cells on its top that will help convert the heat emitted from the sun into electricity. The car, which fashions a futuristic appeal, can seat four people and reportedly has a range of 805 km.

The car, besides deriving the energy from the solar panels, can also be used as a regular EV, since it comes with a charging socket.

Price : Humble One costs around $109,000 excluding tax and options. 

The deliveries will commence only in 2024 and already USD 20 million in pre-bookings have been received for the electric SUV.

Interesting Note :

It is apparently not the first passenger vehicle to have solar panels on the roof as the new Hyundai Sonata and Karma Revero come to mind. But, in the contrary, the electric SUV uses the solar roof to deliver energy to produce approximately 96 km of range per day.


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Founder : Dima Steesy

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